Crafting Cute Vibes: The Inside Scoop on Our Handmade Decor

, by Jessica Gregson, 1 min reading time


Hey angels! Get ready to jump into the cute, artsy world of our small handmade home decor gang. We're spillin' the tea on our journey – from wild ideas to crafting treasures for your space. So, kick back, grab a cuppa, and let's chat about the heart and soul behind our handmade small business.

The Kickoff

Picture this: a girl with a  dream, a pinch of creativity, and a sprinkle of "let's do this!" That's how our handmade decor adventure started. No big plans, just a love for making cute stuff for cute people. The first doodles turned into real-life creations, and we've been riding the handmade wave ever since.

Doodles, Details, and Cute AF Decor

We're not just about making things look pretty; it's about making 'em personal. Dive into the world of hand-painted details, custom vibes, and the little touches that turn our decor into your decor. It's like a friendship bracelet for your home!

Connecting the Dots

Our favourite part? Hearing from you! We'll spill the tea on the connections we've made, the custom requests that turned into rad collaborations, and the feel-good moments that keep us going. Your space becomes a part of our story, and we love it!


We're stoked to craft a slice of joy for your space, and we can't wait to keep the good vibes rollin'. Cheers to cute decor and making spaces as unique as you are! 🌈✨

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